Kevin Oh, who recently married actress Gong Hyo Jin, enlisted in the military earlier in December.

On January 2, Kevin Oh’s agency T Cask ENT shared an official statement as below:

Hello. This is Kevin Oh’s agency T Cask ENT.

"We would like to announce the news of Kevin Oh’s military enlistment to fans who cherish and love him.

In order to expand his musical activities based in Korea and to form a stable family with his wife in Korea, Kevin Oh enlisted in the military.

Thanks to Korea, he was able to live and develop his new musical life, so he conveyed his opinion through our agency that [he would like to] continue introducing good music to share warmth with his fans and many others after completing his military service.

In addition, Kevin Oh left a message saying that he hopes everyone who knows him is in good health both physically and mentally as he courageously enlisted last December.

He also did not forget to ask fans for their generous understanding in that he enlisted without announcing his enlistment in advance as it is one of the duties as a citizen of the Republic of Korea.

Please continue to support and love Kevin Oh until the day he completes his military service diligently and returns in good health. Our agency will not spare any affection and support for the artist so that Kevin Oh can return after completing his military service and continue to introduce good music to his fans.

Once again, we ask for the generous understanding of fans.

Thank you."
CR: Soompi

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1. Seriously cool

2. That's impressive... I hope he serves healthily

3. Even if he has dual citizenship, he's just an American. Is he getting naturalized and serving in the army? Wow he seriously has my respect👏👏👏

4. Wow... this is real love. He's cool

5. ? I didn't even know that Gong Hyojin got married. So that person is Korean?

6. He's enlisting at 35??ㄷㄷ

7. People can still enlist at 35...?

8. Wow this is real love

9. Ah right these two got married. I keep forgettingㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

10. Wow if he was born in the U.S., nobody would've said anything even if he didn't enlist. I'm seeing him in a new light

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