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For reference, the Youtuber is 1m64

- I'm 43 kg, more of an idol than idols. 
- I've been maintaining my slim body for 3 months in the past. And do you know what my thoughts were back then?
- "Ah f*ck" This was f*cking hard. My stomach was f*cking growling all the time
- You're telling me people can eat whatever they want and maintain that body? 
- That's just f*cking bullsh*t
- If you're going to maintain that 43kg body, you must eat to match that 43kg number
- How can you eat that way you may ask? You can't fathom right? 
- That's because to normal people, keeping this type of diet is impossible 
- They all give up 
- How do you end up eating like? If you want to keep a slim body, you can only eat once per day f*ck 
- And even the amount of food you intake is f*cking small f*ck 
- You can only eat 500 calories per day f*ck ㅋ
- It's f*cking small, and that's how you maintain it 
- This is the reality of that diet
- Because you need to eat while trying to match that weight number, the moment you over-eat by a bit, you Yoyo
- And you'll go back to the way you were before dieting
 - You will definitely not be able to maintain that weight 
- This is the truth that so many people are trying to hide
- I hope that everyone watching this video will have this illusion they have around diets shattered
- The "truth" that celebrities are sharing is definitely not all the truth 
- I hope everyone knows this 
- You can eat whatever you want as long as you don't die from it, but you also need to work out to the brink of death 
- That's how diet works
- Then you'll be able to maintain your diet

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1. So how do the idols manage themselves...?

2. In my 20s, I was a big eater who ate large portions of rice, but my weight was 42kg, so my relatives were surprised that I ate as much as my brothers and were always side eyeing me ㅜ but as I grew up, even though I eat much less, I'm gaining weight so easily 

3. The moment you start dieting, your periods will be all out of sync, you'll ruin your body over it ㅜ 

4. There's a reason why skinny kids are skinny... You can tell just from the way they eat around you..

5. aespa NingNing also said that if you aren't going to debut, then don't try dieting 

6. Just try to live with your own body 

7. I'm 1m65 and even when I was 52kg, I was having such a hard time, seriously if you end up being that skinny, you'll just end up giving up. That's the majority of people 

8. I just want to lose 5kg 

9. You're allowed to not be skinny, just eat and live a good life people

10. That's why I don't believe a single idol claim that they were bone skinny since birth and that they'll never gain weight 

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