"7-year ‘textbook of growth’ NCT Dream, Seo Taiji → shoulder to shoulder with EXO and BTS"

Starting as a team with youths, it became a global top group that won the daesang for two consecutive years. NCT DREAM, a group that has achieved remarkable growth over the past seven years, has stood tall as a representative K-pop group.


As a result, NCT Dream is included in the list of singers who have twice won the honor of the daesang, which is difficult to get awarded even once.


NCT Dream, who reached the top by winning their first solo daesang at the '32nd Seoul Music Awards' in 2023, seven years after their debut, also held the daesang trophy at the '33rd Seoul Music Awards' held in Bangkok, Thailand this year. They have maintained its top spot for consecutive years.

It is even more valuable because it is the result of growing step by step every year. Starting with becoming the first million-seller with their first full-length album ‘Hot Sauce’, they have established a record of being triple million-sellers with three consecutive full-length albums, including their third full-length album released in July, solidifying their status as a global top group.


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1. [+88, -1]
"Shoulder to shoulder with BTS" ㅋㅋㅋAhㅋ This is why no matter how much we swear at them, they'll still shove that daesang down our throatsㅋㅋ

2. [+82, -1]
A daesang artist with no hit songs ㅋㅋ

3. [+75, -0]
They'll use this disgusting daeasang to pretend like this was impartial in the future 

4. [+61, -1]
The Dream fans are just the same
"Our Dream got a daesang[...] yes, now I'm a Dream fan of a daesang singer [...]"
"Thank you Sports Seoul for putting the daesang artists 2 years in a row in your front page"
"The daesang singer Lee Jeno"
"You just wait and see people, this is the skills of a daseang artist"
"Haha crazy, our Dreams will enter Korea [...] The daesang singers are entering Korea"

5. [+56, -3]
Only idols fans are aware of the corruption behind Seoul Music Awards' daesang, muggles have no idea about it. So no matter how much we swear at them, SM can still mediaplay their daesang like that and muggles will think that they're actually doing well so they received a daesang

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