She looks way prettier when she's hiding her entire upper body

Crop tops look good on people like Kim Chaewon or Sakura because they have thin waists, but why are they always making Huh Yunjin wear them?

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1. [+87, -3]
If you look at them, if Kim Chaewon and Sakura look pretty while wearing those clothes, they'll make Huh Yunjin and Kazuha wear them and vice versa

2. [+87, -1]
Ha... It's like they don't consider her body type at all, if you look at this photo, she looks f*cking good here. Whenever she wears crop top, your eyes go directly below her breasts but you should see her belly button to make it prettier. She looks way better with low rise pants. Why do they not know how to dress her?

3. [+67, -2]
Seriously Huh Yunjin has long arms and legs and she's so pretty, but whenever she wears things revealing her stomach, she loses her prettiness

4. [+51, -2]
Honestly Huh Yunjin's ribcage is large, so it's super super super hard for her to pull off anything ㅋㅋ And not only Huh Yunjin, but even other celebrities can hardly pull off those short crop tops. You need a glamorous body + thin chest walls + shoulders that are not too large + small waist. she needs to wear her bottom appropriately. And the clothes she wear are so ugly, how are they expecting her to pull them off..

5. [+32, -0]
Because the other kids' bodies are too straight, they don't suit crop top either... They have chodings bodies 


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