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First of all, I am a member of the Presbyterian Church of Korea, but I don't go to church very much, but I have no doubts about the truth of Christianity...

I'm a Christian who has read the Bible and watched Bible cartoons since I was young, but when I look at Bangtan, it seems like they clearly contain biblical imagery. I'll just write down what I saw when I first watched the ON music video.

- White dove appears often in the Bible, not sure what it means in the MV
- Someone shoots and kills it 
- In the Bible, there's no mention of shooting or killing a dove
- Noah's ark also appears in the background when RM is there
- Animals appears in pairs in Noah's ark, but here, the ark is all damaged, which seems to be intentionally shown like that

- Jungkook running away from a concrete wall, his thorns tied hands are reminiscent of Jesus' thorns
- The way I see it: inside the wall = controlled by God? Like the Garden of Eden

- The girl with covered eyes is Eve 
- Eyes covered = can't distinguish good from evil 
- V (snake/Lucifer?/evil angel) loosens the veil = making Eve eat the fruit of the tree of knowledge
- She now knows about good and evil

- Adam and Even eat the fruit and God kicks them out of the garden and they lose eternal life
- This is depicted in the MV by V (snake) holding hands with the girl and looking into the opening of the trapped walls
- It seems like V is freeing her from imprisonment rather than being "kicked out" from the Garden of Eden

Bible: The humans are cast out from the Garden and deceived by the serpent
MV: The humans weren't cast out but instead escaped freely + was helped by the serpent 

- Jungkook runs away from th ewall and he looks like Jesus who went to pray in the mountain before being crucified
- The sunlight supposed to represent God talking to him
- At this moment, Jungkook's lyrics include: Where my pain lies, let me take a breath
- There are no Bible passage with this phrase specifically but it reminded me of the prayer that Jesus prayed, also the way "please let me (하서소)" is phrased is often a writing style found in the Bible 

- The thorns in his hands are greatly emphasized
- In the Bible, it says that Jesus sweated blood while praying about carrying the cross, meanwhile Jungkook fainted
- In the Bible, Jesus prayed asking is there any other way to die than to be crucified in his humand body but in the end, He accepted his fate and was nailed to the cross
- However in the MV, Jungkook doesn't do that but instead loosens his thorns in the water and blows a horn, that scene looked like a rebellion
- In other words, he's rebelling against God

- The walls of Eden is where God protected humans, but in the MV, it seems like a prison device to trap humans and people are waiting to escape from there

- Going inside the water = baptism 
- In the New Testament, John the Baptist also baptizes people directly in the water
- The thorns disappear when he goes in the water and when he reappears, he has a horn = rebellion 
- I don't remember exactly, but in the Bible, it talks about walking around a castle while blowing the trumpet and the castle will fall 

- Heaven showing its anger

- Originally Jungkook was portrayed like Jesus but now he became the leader of the group opposing God
- He's the antichrist

- The members are seen climbing a rock that rises to the sky = attempt to reach heaven, which is similar to the Tower of Babel 
- Jungkook's laughing and smiling expression shows arrogance and him being an enemy of God

The stone that reaches the heavens

- You might think this is forced, but even watching Fake Love, I thought it was clear that it contained Biblical references. I was in middle school during BST so I didn't think much of it, but after watching ON, it made me think
- I've moved away from Christianity after middle school, but one thing is that I don't like portraying/showcasing evil and I try to keep some of the Bible's teachings 
- What I thought after watching ON is that if they're twisting the meaning of the Bible, isn't it scary for people in the future? 
- Things like illuminati and anything pyramid-shaped are so overused I don't pay attention to them anymore. But it seems dangerous to mock the Bible blatantly like that 

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1. [+48, -7]
People who haven't watched Blood, Sweat & Tears, go watch it before coming here. It's straight up Illuminati-level of weirdness

2. [+47, -10]
I've quit BTS' fandom. I'm a Christian myself and seeing Le Sserafim have song titles like "Eve, Psyche & the Bluebeard’s wife" and even the lyrics, I can't bring myself to listen to them because it's clearly anti-Christian 

3. [+30, -3]
Freemasons were running said meditation schools, which represents Dahnworld in Korea, it is connected with Illuminati. If you look back at the music from the 80s-90s, it's similar to their New Age music. American singers are taking advantage of this to make a profit, so the group blew up but also died down quickly. Many celebrities, politicians and businessmen are among them and they're trying to gather the general public under them by using our ignorance and brainwashing us. It's their way to control the world 

4. [+15, -0]
Let's act with discernment 

5. [+11, -0]
I hope that people who study semiotics or people who are really well-versed in this field will take this opportunity to analyze the music videos. This feels like a joke to us 

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