- Singers who can't sing, what's the point of having the "ambitious" concept?
- After the press conference, I somehow grew a disdain towards Le Sserafim 
- They said not to look down on their careers ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ With skills like that, I can't do anything but to look down ...
- Why are they refusing to reflect no matter how much hate they're getting and are just letting hate comments flow in? Looking at how Bang Sihyuk moves, I understand now 
- It's not time to shoot Reels right now...

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1. [+158, -4]
They're just f*cking dislikable now, I don't think anyone will give them any attention anymore 

2. [+155, -1]
It's my first time feeling like this in the idol industry... Even people who don't like idols are mocking them.. 

3. [+151, -3]
But isn't it obvious? Even when their reactions from them coming on festivals are nothing but people mocking them now 

4. [+125, -2]
There's no way you can like them, and now with the cult controversy too...

5. [+97, -1]
Muggles are indeed scarrier

[enter-talk] MIN HEEJIN'S PROJECT 1945 

This is Unforgiven's trailer, not sure whether it refers to 1945, the year when Korea was liberated, but in the first scene, I immediately thought it looked like "that" flag even before I saw that comment. And then the Japanese narration that comes right away, and even the burning of the Bible, these are all scenes from one trailer. There is also a scene reminiscent of the Tree of Knowledge of good and evil, and the wings are burning. You'd expect these scenes to appear in the Unforgiven music video right? But nop. They don't appear at all. Why did they bother filming those scenes separately to make a trailer??

"We're getting an image reminiscent of the Japanese flag that appears immediately right at the start, and in a scene reminiscent of the Taegeuk symbol, Sakura (Japanese) smiles as soon as she steps on the bowl and breaks it. After that, we see Kazuha with black wings and Huh Yunjin with the Bible burning appear and says something like "Let's go together!" and you see them running towards the sea like this (What is the closest country across the sea from our country?)"

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1. [+329, -8]
In the end of Burn the Bridge, the Japanese member Sakura is also portraying Dokdo. You can see Seodo and Dongdeo, if you google, you can see. The representation is insane

(t/n: picture for ref)

2. [+316, -6]
There are numerous Japanese imagery in Burn the Bridge, we're not talking about only one or two references. All propaganda from the Japanese colonial period are still the same, they're almost thinking that people are idiots. Sakura is a right-winger who advocates resistance to Korea. There is a reason why Sakura was included in the group. Now history is repeating itself

3. [+285, -6]
These people are determine to sell the country

4. [+267, -8]
What you need to know is that Dahnworld is not just a pseudo-religion, but a pseudo-religion that worships Japanese gods. Their goal is to unify Korea and Japan and turn Korea into a land of Japan's shadow (Tsukuyomi = Mago). It is also connected to the politics, like people say. The current chairman of the Korea Communications Commission is also from Dahnworld (this is why it was easy to control the media, and I guess the reason why they tried so hard to cover this up was because it's ultimately related to politics), and Yoon Suk Yeol's mentor, Cheon Gong, is also from Dahnworld. He declared that he would dedicate all his strength until the entire Republic of Korea was sacrificed to the Japanese god he worshiped through the vote register, and he argued that hospitals should be as numerous as convenience stores. If this is really the reason why President Yoon increased the number of medical schools, there is a hidden connection. Even with only a small tinge of this cult here, our country will really fall to Japan in the end.

5. [+171, -2]
Wow seriously this is giving me goosebumps. If this one blows up, it will be their biggest controversy

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