BIGBANG’s G-Dragon has been appointed a special professor at KAIST. According to media outlet OSEN, he will receive the letter of appointment after the Innovate Korea 2024 talk show, which will be held at the KAIST headquarters in Daejeon.

Innovate Korea 2024 is an event hosted by KAIST, the National Science and Technology Research Council, and the Herald Media Group. G-Dragon will host the show with KAIST’s President Lee Kwang Hyung, and Galaxy Corporation’s Choi Yong Ho.

His talk will focus on the future of K-Pop, which combines AI and K-contents. Many are curious to know if he will reveal hints about his comeback, which will be released later this year.

G-Dragon signed with Galaxy Corporation last year and has shown constant interest in AI-related technology. In January, he also attended the CES 2024 IT exhibition held in Las Vegas.

He also recently posted an Instagram story of a jacket with the KAIST logo on the back.
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1. Huh?

2. Hul, good

3. Huh?? Daebak

4. Huh?? What department is that??

5. Hul I want to get admitted to KAIST.... I want to have Kwon Jiyong professor as my tutor....

6. Huh??? Ah I will be studying so hard. Crazyㅋㅋㅋ but his career is legendary. He's in his 30's and is a professor...

7. Wow daebak

8. I'm so curious about what Kwon Jiyong is preparing... just what are you planning

9. Wow

10. I will be studying a bit more now

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