"SM Entertainment is also responsible for the severe malicious rumors and escalating hate comments directed at NCT, as they have neglected to address them for years. Proceed with lawsuits without leniency and issue an announcement"

"Artist protection improvements:
- Proceed with lawsuits without leniency
- Prompt and accurate follow-up announcements"

"When will the worsening malicious rumors against NCT be addressed? The so-called KWANGYA 119 is just for show. Artist protection, when?
We don't need evasive answers, we need specific updates on the progress"

The notice released yesterday

"Hello. This is SM Entertainment.

Currently, there are unspeakably provocative rumors such as NCT's Johnny and Haechan being involved with prostitution and drugs that are spreading indiscriminately online. We have confirmed that these rumors are untrue and that this criminal act seriously damages the artist's reputation.
Additionally, there have been untrue rumors and malicious slander continually created against NCT members and other SM artists, including Heechul.

We have already collected sufficient data on several posts related to the content in question, and we plan not to sit idly by and ensure that the relevant actors are legally punished without leniency or agreement, regardless of nationality.

Please be aware that even at this moment, any act of posting malicious posts may be subject to punishment.

Thank you."
CR: Allkpop

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1. 👍

2. Send them the Instiz chat

3. I hope they sue soon. I'm a fan of another group but my heart sunk when I saw what was revealed yesterday

4. I think that they did prepare this before SM's statement. They kept going back and forth before this and they just kept on with the event

5. Of course, the company needs to file lawsuits instead of just talking about it. If they only talk about suing, who will protect the artists? SM is just pulling off an SM with their lack of tact. Everybody can just release statements. Do it properly this time, I'm begging you

6. The comments are so to the point

7. After announcing the lawsuit, you need to update us on the progress and the results of the lawsuit

8. Make sure to issue a notice of strong punishment without leniency and follow-up measures. This time, we need to drive them away for good so they can't come back.

9. I would even understand if someone drives a truck straight into the building

10. For real, please sue them mercilessly...

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