- I saw it too, I thought that it might create an issue on IG so I'm talking with the company right now
Since people might be worried or disappointed, I'm just going to give a brief explanation about it here
I've bever once eaten or drunk outside with our company's hoobaes, nor have I met with them separately. I don't even have their contact information 

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1. He suffered damn... 

2. Still, he thought of the fans, this is the right way to address it 

3. So he saw what was happening on Twitter?

4. So he didn't introduce them but indeed went there himself?

5. Since this is Kim Heechul, he's able to talk about it directly.. 

6. Kim Heechul's photo was from a long time ago 

7. But looks like that photo was indeed real ㅋㅋ

8. What does he mean?

9. So that photo was actually him?

10. Ha what a relief, I almost cried

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