As a result of Star News' exclusive coverage on the 4th, it was confirmed that Kim Yoojung was cast in the new drama 'Dear X'.

'Dear X' is a work based on a webtoon of the same name. It is a melodrama about a woman who dreams of success by using others to get what she wants, and how she rises to the top as an actress and then falls, as well as the love of a man who protects her by her side. 

In the play, Kim Yojung plays the role of Baek Ah-jin, a sociopath who has a dazzling appearance and a kind and good personality, but who punishes those who offend her by revealing her evil side. In order to get what she wants, she is a person who has the insight to see through the intentions of others by putting people around her under her and controlling them.

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1. Hul 

2. Ah crazy, she suits it 

3. wow what a relief, I was worried about the casting 

4. Hul wow it freaking suits her 

5. Hul it suits her 

6. She'll do well 

7. It freaking suits her 

8. First of all, I can trust in her acting 

9. I was looking forward to this 

10. Daebak I want to see this fast

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