Park (40), a suspect who committed digital s** crimes against Seoul National University alumni and acquaintances, has been arrested. 
Provided by the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency.

The main perpetrator of the so-called "Seoul National University Nth Room" digital s** crime case has been brought to trial. He trembled and sobbed while giving his testimony in court.

According to the legal community on the 4th, the 31st Criminal Division of the Seoul Central District Court (Chief Judge Park Joon-seok) held the first trial of Park (40), who was indicted for violating the Sexual Violence Punishment Act (editing fake videos and distributing them).

During the trial, Park sat at the defendant's seat, trembling and sobbing throughout. When the prosecution read the summary of the indictment, he covered his face with his hands and appeared distressed. 
Park is a graduate of Seoul National University.

Park’s lawyer acknowledged the facts related to the charges of posting and transmitting d**pfake synthetic materials but denied the charge of possessing ch**d exploitation material.

The lawyer also argued that recognizing the distribution acts as a possession crime is unreasonable.

Park was indicted for possessing and distributing videos synthesized with "d**pfake" technology, using graduation photos or SNS photos of female alumni from the university, from July 2021 to April this year.

According to the police investigation, the number of po**raphic materials produced and distributed by Park amounts to around 100 and 1,700, respectively. So far, 61 victims have been identified, including 12 Seoul National University alumni. Among the victims were minors, leading to charges of violating the Youth Protection Act (production and distribution of exploitation material).

It was found that Park created about 20 chat rooms during his criminal activities. His accomplice, another person in their 20s also named Park, was indicted last month for producing about 400 false videos and distributing 1,700. The first trial for this accomplice is scheduled for the 28th of this month.

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