@riize_official 약속 지켰데이~ #RIIZE #라이즈 #WONBIN #원빈 #ANTON #앤톤 #RISEandREALIZE ♬ Márcio Beat Water remix - Márcio Beats

Even though the trend passed, the fans were asking for it, so they titled the Tik Tok "As promised~"

Fan: I saw the Water and Like I Do challenge today!!!!! Can you release it? You danced too too too too too well 

Wonbin: If I have time I'll do it 
- But didn't the trend pass?-?
- If I have time, I'll try to do it once?

+ It started trending on Twitter
"Water challenge"

original post: here

1. Bin-Anton are so likable, give us more ㅠ

2. Anton's body is so pretty and his face too 

3. Anton always dresses in this kind of fit, it's nice

4. Wonbin, give us more challenges ㅜㅠㅜㅜㅜ You do so well... 

5. Bin-Anton are the best

6. They're both good in different ways

7. Anton's physique is the best... And he's a good dancer too

8. Wonbin uses his legs so well 

9. Yah Wonbin is such a good dancer

10. Wonbin and Anton are "Bin-Anton"? I just learned it 

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